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About us

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Qui sommes nous

Who are we ?


A network of more than 11,000 healthcare professionals

Our network of experts brings together health professionals, consultants and directors of establishments in practice and directly linked to the professions of the health, social and medico-social sector: doctors, nurses, health executives, midwives, caregiver, psychomotrician, pharmacist, hypnotherapist, dietitian, physiotherapist, paramedic, facility manager, psychologist, social worker, lawyer, jurist, quality engineer, consultant….​

Services for professionals

AEP is a human-sized company created in 1991 to allow the self-employed, companies and liberal professions to free themselves from administrative constraints and also to facilitate the HR management of structures. We meet your expectations by carrying out an audit of your precise needs and we offer fast, efficient and tailor-made solutions.

A training center

As a training organization specializing in health professions, we have been supporting health establishments, health, social and medico-social structures, businesses and communities since 2015.


Our objective: develop skills and develop professional practices with a view to improving the quality of care.


Our daily concern is to guarantee you both scientific and educational expertise during our various interventions and to always remain as close as possible to needs and practices. We are committed to:

  • Know the good practices of the profession in all the topics covered

  • Respond to priority areas and actions

  • Surround yourself with experts, working professionals

  • Promote feedback

  • Transmit immediately operational solutions

  • Respond to each request for training or advice as soon as possible.

Why Integr'expo?

The WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 helps healthcare providers develop solutions that fit into a broader vision of improving health and empowering patients. The strategy has two main objectives:

→ Support Member States in their efforts to harness the contribution of Traditional Medicine (TM) / Conventional Medicine (CM) to health, well-being and people-centred healthcare.

→ Promote safe and effective use of T&CM through regulation of products, practices and practitioners.

These goals can be achieved if three strategic objectives are achieved:

1)Consolidatethe knowledge base and formulate national policies;

2)To strenghtensafety, quality and efficiency by regulation

3)Promoteuniversal health coverage by integrating T&CM and self-care services into national health systems.


Our network, created in 1991, is fully in line with WHO recommendations to accelerate the global integration of T&CM into health systems. Thanks to a collective of more than 11,000 healthcare professionals, Integr'Expo decided in 2017 to focus its activities on 4 main objectives:


→ The promotion of a multidisciplinary medicine of care centered on the patient and his globality which is called integrative medicine.

→ The evaluation and evolution in different countries of professional practices in the medico-social sector, the first five-year period of which will be 2022/2027.

→ Support and defend those who promote it,

→ Inform professionals and the public about this care medicine.

Pourquoi Integrexpo ?

of the scientific committee

The missions of the Scientific Council consist, among other things, in validating and coordinating the scientific program of the event and consolidating the programs of the sessions for a cohesion of the whole.

Dr Reginald ALLOUCHE

General medicine.

Veronique AUBERGE

CNRS researcher


Doctor in clinical psychology

Pascale BOULE

Nurse DE .

Dr Nadia VOLF

General medicine


Internal medicine, Oncologist

Dr J. Jacques CAMPI


Dr Christine CIEUR



Doctor Oncologist and Hematologist


General medicine


General medicine, addictologist

Dr. Nawrocki Tadeusz

General practitioner, Anthropologist

Anne-Gaëlle MARIEN

Doctor Pediatrician


DE Nurse, Trainer

Dr. Jamil Rahmani


Meryem SEBTI

Doctor of Philosophy and habilitatus

Dr. Michel Canesi

Dermatologist and venerologist

Membres du comité scientifique
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