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Lieu du congrès


Congress location


Place Charles de Gaulle, 34000 Montpellier, France

Where to sleep:

Here is the list of all accommodation that can be booked on the reservation center of the Montpellier Tourist Office: Hotels, Tourist residences, Bed and breakfasts, etc.

Hotels at negotiated prices

Vols Directs

Direct flights

Direct flights from FRANCE

With several flights from the four corners of France, Seville is only 2 hours away by plane! If it is possible to find a cheap flight, we advise you to plan ahead! The companies Easy Jet, Vueling, RyanAir or Volotea offer trips at discounted prices: from 30 euros round trip!

Here are the airports in France that offer a direct flight to Seville:

  • Paris

  • Toulouse

  • Montpellier

  • Marseilles

  • Bordeaux

  • Nantes

  • Lyons

Direct flights, from other countries:

The companies offer trips at very low prices: from 40 euros round trip!

  • Brussels, BELGIUM)

  • Cologne (GERMANY)

  • Munich  (GERMANY)


  • Eindhoven (NETHERLANDS)

  • Amsterdam ( NETHERLANDS)

  • Zürich ( SWITZERLAND)

  • Geneva,SWITZERLAND )

  • Milano (ITALY)

  • Pisa (ITALY)

  • Rome (ITALY)

  • Barcelona (SPAIN)

  • Madrid (SPAIN)

  • Bilbao (SPAIN) 

  • Lisbon (PORTUGAL)

  • Oporto (PORTUGAL)


Coming by train:


It's possible to walk 200 m to Place de la Comédie or take one of the city's many public transports, right in front of the station!

TGV and RENFE: Non-connecting access to the heart of Montpellier!More information on Minimum journey time depending on trains:

  • Montpellier – Paris: 3h15 / Montpellier – Lille: 4h45 / Montpellier – Brussels: 5h08

  • Montpellier – Marseille: 1h30 / Montpellier – Lyon: 1h35 / Montpellier – Toulouse: 2h10

  • Montpellier – Nice: 4h10 / Montpellier – Barcelona: 2h30


SNCF liO train Occitanie (Regional Express Transport)
To discover the major sites of the Occitanie region from Montpellier:

  • Sète: 12:20 a.m.

  • Nimes: 12:35 a.m.

  • Béziers: 12:45 a.m.

  • Narbonne: 1 hour

  • Avignon: 1h05

  • Carcassonne: 1h30

The four tram lines as well as buses (lines 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16), taxis and car rental companies will allow you to reach the different districts of Montpellier and its metropolis.


The second TGV station, new Montpellier station, in the heart of the future Cambacérès district.
Objective of this station: to save time on journeys to and from Spain and Belgium, but also Paris and Lyon.

The new TGV station is the pillar of this new multimodal exchange hub, located in the heart of the future Cambacérès district (“innovation” space where businesses/start-ups, higher education establishments, housing and natural spaces will meet) .

Montpellier South of France Shuttle

Access to Montpellier Sud de France station:

  • by bus: TaM Shuttle located at Place de France stop (Tramway line 1 or Bus line N°9). The Shuttle connecting the Place de France tram stop (Line 1) to the new Montpellier Sud de France TGV station is a Tam shuttle and tickets purchased for the tram can be used to make the connection. Access to the shuttle is via the west square of the station, which allows you to reach the Cambacérès stop.

  • The Airport shuttle and line 606 of the company “Hérault Transport” also serves the Sud de France station

  • by car: turn off towards the A709 then take exit 29, Montpellier Est, direction city center; then Odysseum.
    Address: 1521 Rue de la Fontaine de la Banquière 34000 Montpellier

Please note: it takes around ten minutes to reach Gare Sud de France from the Place de France tram stop. Allow around forty minutes to make the connection between the two stations.


Here you will find the different places around the FIBES of Seville to eat

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