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"Increase your opportunities in a flash! Join our speed networking session and immerse yourself in a unique experience to establish professional connections, present your business, recruit new talents, seek funding or simply surround yourself with the best. The future you Looking to build starts with the relationships you form today. Sign up now and advance your goals with every conversation."

Which professions will be represented at this speed networking?

Health professionals

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, dentists and other healthcare practitioners are looking to expand their networks, collaborate with other professionals and discover new opportunities in their field.

Medical team

Investors and Financiers

Venture capitalists, specialized healthcare investment funds and potential backers participate to discover promising startups and projects to support.

Poignée de main d'affaires

Academic and Research Institutions

Universities, research centers and academic institutes seek opportunities for collaboration with other institutions and professionals in the health sector.

Laboratoire scientifique

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies specializing in the healthcare sector participate to identify talent and potential candidates for medical and administrative positions.

Group of Asian waiting for an interview

Startups and Innovative Companies

Companies developing innovative medical technologies, healthcare applications, medical devices and other innovative solutions are looking to establish partnerships, attract investors and connect with experts in the field.

réunion d'affaires

Health Service Providers

Companies providing support services to the healthcare industry, such as medical logistics, facilities management, supply chain management, are looking to establish relationships with potential customers.

Consultation médicale

Nonprofit Organizations

NGOs and associations in the health field are looking for partners for humanitarian projects, awareness campaigns and public health initiatives.

Volunteers at the food bank

Insurers and Health Services Companies

Health insurance companies, health plan managers and healthcare providers are participating to explore strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

Agent d'assurance

Registrations open from 09/11/2023

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