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We are pleased to announce that we also offer distance learning courses directly linked to the content of the Integr'Expo Congress. These online training courses have been specially designed to allow you to deepen certain topics covered during conferences and round tables, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks to our online training platform, you will be able to access courses at your own pace, according to your schedule, and benefit from the expertise of our renowned trainers. Whether you are a health professional, a researcher or simply passionate about the subject, our distance learning courses will offer you new perspectives and practical tools to enrich your professional practice.

Online training courses are interactive and include videos, educational resources, quizzes and hands-on activities to help you deepen your knowledge in an engaging and effective way.

Don't miss this opportunity to train in integrative health, even remotely. Registration for online training is open, visit our website to discover the full list of available training and reserve your place now! You will be able to continue to improve and inspire yourself, wherever you are, by joining our international community of health professionals and integrative health enthusiasts.

Acquire transversal skills in integrative health (Level 0)

Integrative health covers a broad area of knowledge, ranging from the biology of aging to pathophysiology, nutrition, marine bioresources and neuroscience, the issues of which are essential both on a fundamental and applied level. Lately, prevention is one of the aspects of modern medicine that is gaining momentum. Integrative Medicine is a medical practice in which the collaboration of conventional diagnostic and treatment practices is combined with the proven benefits of complementary and natural medicine. A more holistic concept aimed at reducing iatrogenics and drug consumption and providing preventive measures based on the real needs of the patient and their personal framework.

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Formation pour les professionnels de la santé

Acquire transversal skills in integrative health (Level 1)

Discover our level 1 training in integrative health, a logical continuation of our level 0 training. This training delves into the multiple facets of integrative health, addressing areas ranging from the biology of aging to pathophysiology, including nutrition, marine bioresources and neuroscience. These essential issues are relevant on both a fundamental and applied level.

Integrative Medicine is an innovative medical approach that promotes collaboration between conventional diagnostic and treatment practices, and the proven benefits of complementary and natural medicine. This holistic concept aims to reduce iatrogenics and overconsumption of medications, by proposing preventive measures adapted to the real needs of the patient and their personal framework.


Our training will offer you a comprehensive overview of Integrative Medicine, providing you with in-depth knowledge and practical tools for your professional practice. Whether you are a healthcare professional or passionate about integrative health, this training will allow you to acquire new perspectives and innovative approaches for comprehensive and personalized care of your patients.

Join our level 1 training program in integrative health, to deepen your skills and become a key player in the evolution of Integrative Medicine. Register now and be part of a community committed to developing a comprehensive and preventative health approach.

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Enseignement en ligne

How to support the patient with complementary therapies?

Training on integrative health and integrative medicine clarifies the differences between these often used terms interchangeably. Today, the emphasis is on the benefits of interdisciplinarity, which makes the term “integrative health” more unifying and predominant in the literature.


The choices of the terms “therapies” and “complementary” are well thought out. Indeed, unlike the term "alternatives", "complementary" indicates that these approaches complement conventional medicine rather than replacing it. This training will deepen your understanding of these concepts and their relevance in the field of health and well-being.

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